Hayley is the company’s rock, a wonderful sounding board with unfaltering demeanour and dedication to scanning workload and pressures.

She also runs a busy household, is a rower’s mum and still finds time to diffuse it all in the gym. Legend.


Quality assurance is guaranteed with Caroline’s eye for details on the accounts and creative productions.

She is also an excellent dog trainer and dolls house enthusiast.


Takes Sarah’s scrawls and turns them into stunning graphic designs and websites for Sarah’s businesses. She also produces extraordinarily fast but quality design work for client special projects and events.

She is also mum to three girls and is a compulsive runner.


IT maestro who resolves all the unseen technical issues and keeps the systems running in tip-top healthy order. Also has been known to rescue the precious contents of impossibly obsolete hardware.


Digital native and marketeer. SmugMug slayer. Hugo’s capacity for sharp, clever techie problem solving is very annoying. Or it would be if it wasn’t so useful.


A freelance writer and editor, Alexandra writes the copy for Sarah's website. She's great with words but she does have a secret fear that Sarah will arrive unannounced at her home in the Scottish Borders and witness the chaos that goes on behind the very calm exterior.



“It’s incredible that our children are now adults. But more incredible that we spent our lives as parents trying to capture all their memories, just to shove it all into closets. But the thought of digging out photos from around the house was always a daunting exercise.
On my birthday this year, my wife gave me just a card with a link from The Photo Curators. And there they were – our life time memories – organised, saved and now searchable and shareable. Giving me back our memories is simply the best gift ever.”

Patrick - Dad, Son, Reluctant Skydiver

“There exists just one known vinyl LP of my father’s band playing the steel drums in Jamaica. He is clearly featured on the album cover and so is my mother - in the background as the groupie! Sarah’s team preserved and recreated this album for all my family to enjoy and share for decades to come.”

Mike - Life Coach, Free Diver

“My mother was the family historian. What I inherited was beyond belief - over 100 scrapbooks, a lifetime of travel photo albums, slides, videos and diaries. Without Sarah’s help, the entire mess would have just crowded out my loft for another 20 years and overwhelmed the next generation. My brother and I now can share our curated life stories with our children without the angst.”

Gavin - Widower, Superdad, Kilt wearer, Piste Slayer

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